Research Integrity: Replicability and Reproducibility in Art & Design Research

Heitor Alvelos and Susana Barreto of the University of Porto, Portugal, and Anne Boddington of Kingston University, United Kingdom, will present the panel discussion “Research Integrity: Replicability and Reproducibility in Art & Design Research” at The European Conference on Arts, Design & Education (ECADE2022), on-site and online from the University of Porto, Portugal.

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Research Integrity: Replicability and Reproducibility in Art & Design Research

Research Integrity is a growing concern worldwide. It addresses both the behaviours, conduct and professionalism of researchers as well as how others have confidence and trust in the methods, findings, and insights of any publicly funded academic research.

This discussion will explore how many current research frameworks in which art and design researchers are working trend towards universality and to a ‘one size fits all’ construction of research. In practice, art and design research methodologies embrace and draw from medicine, health, and physical sciences to more interpretive realms of the social sciences and humanities that are by definition, contextual and culturally determined, and where the language of replicability and reproducibility may require reflection and nuance while also maintaining academic integrity and public trust in the research conducted and its findings.

Speaker Biography

Heitor Alvelos
University of Porto, Portugal

Heitor AlvelosHeitor Alvelos is Associate Professor at the University of Porto, where he directs the PhD Program on Design and the Unexpected Media Lab at the ID+ Research Center for Design, Media & Culture. He is currently Chairman of the Scientific Board for Humanities & Social Sciences at the Foundation for Science & Technology, Executive Board Member of the European Academy of Design, and a Member of Academia Europaea. Heitor has spoken as a conference keynote and professor at academic and business institutions around the world, and has also provided consultancy for the Portuguese Ministry of Science, the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council, and the EU Commission's New European Bauhaus (on behalf of Portugal).

Heitor curated the FuturePlaces Media Lab for Citizenship from 2008 to 2017 (with the University of Texas at Austin), and has recently completed the coordination of the FCT/H2020 project "Anti-Amnesia: Design Research as an Agent for Narrative and Material Regeneration and Reinvention of Vanishing Portuguese Manufacturing CVultures and Techniques".

As a designer/media artist, Heitor has worked with Touch (UK), Tuxedomoon (BE/USA), Radio Manobras (PT), KREV (SE), Ash international (UK), The Tapeworm (DE/UK), Visible (ES), 333 (DE/PT) and Stopestra (PT), among others.

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Susana Barreto
University of Porto, Portugal

Susana BarretoSusana Barreto is a Design Educator and Researcher at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto. Susana has worked in London, at Central Saint Martins where she completed her PhD and PostDoc at the Macau Polytechnic. Her scholarly inquiry is focused on the role of ethics in visual communication, design and crime, cross-cultural design and plural narratives in design through local stories. For the last two years, Susana has been involved in two research projects focusing on the preservation of specialised knowledge at risk of disappearance that is embedded in individual experiences of retired professors, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of arts, crafts, and design. She has collaborated with Research Government Departments and supervised PhD and Master’s students. She is currently involved in two projects: “Stories from Both Sides: Towards a Collective Narrative” and “Vision for the Neiva River Mouth”, funded by the New European Bauhaus and Motirô – an international network researching celebrations as testimonies. Susana is a member of the ID+ Research Institute for Design Media and Culture - LUME: Unexpected Media Lab.

Anne Boddington
Kingston University, United Kingdom

Professor Anne Boddington, Kingston University, United KingdomAnne Boddington is Professor of Design Innovation, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research, Business and Innovation at Kingston University in the UK and recently appointed as the Sub Panel Chair for Art & Design: History, Practice & Theory for the UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021. Professor Boddington has extensive experience of the leadership, management and evaluation of art and design education and art and design research in higher education across the UK and internationally. She is an experienced chair and has held trustee and governance roles across the creative and cultural sector including as trustee of the Design Council, an independent Governor, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), an affiliate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), a member of the executive of the Council for Higher Education in Art & Design (CHEAD) and a member of the advisory board of the Arts & Humanities Research Council. She has an international reputation in creative education and research and has been a partner, a collaborator, a reviewer and evaluator for a wide range of international projects and reviews across different nations in Europe, the Middle East, Southern and East Asia and North America.

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